AutoSet™ technology

Changes in sleep stage, weight, body position, and other factors can alter a patient’s airway pressure treatment requirements on a breath-by-breath basis. ResMed’s automatic positive airway pressure (APAP) solution is called AutoSet™ technology.

  • Our AutoSet devices are designed to provide the minimum pressure required at each point in time to treat apneas/hypopneas and upper airway resistance.
  • Patients report better subjective sleep and achieve a significant reduction (37%) in median treatment pressure with consequently lower system leaks than fixed-pressure therapy (CPAP).1
  • Patients on treatment pressures of 10 cm H2O or higher, or who have side effects from CPAP treatment, experience more benefit from auto-adjusting therapy such as AutoSet.2,3,4
  • ResMed’s AutoSet devices use a patented algorithm that responds to flow limitation (the earliest sign of impending airway collapse), snoring and apnea on a breath-by-breath basis.5-6


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