Hospital solutions

We provide hospitals with solutions to help manage respiratory conditions and meet the needs of patients and the clinicians who treat them. From light, comfortable hospital masks to cutting-edge ventilators and intuitive data management solutions, ResMed is helping hospitals provide advanced patient care.

Product series

ResMed offers a wide range of masks and devices to suit your individual needs. Click on one of the links below to learn about our series of products.


Our heated humidification technology adapt to environmental conditions to deliver optimal temperature and moisture right to your patient's mask. Humidification can help prevent a dry mouth and throat for a more comfortable therapy experience.


We offer accessories and spare parts for patient interfaces, humidifiers, ventilators and data management solutions.

Ventilator monitoring and data management

Our ResScan patient management system can help you proactively identify patient issues so you can address them early. Review patient ventilator data breath-by-breath to obtain clinical insights that can enhance the efficacy of therapy and support compliance.

Innovation and technology

ResMed invests heavily in continuous innovation to make sure our products stay on the cutting edge of technology. Learn more about what's inside our products that makes them so effective.