ResMed Achieves Milestones in Healthcare Informatics

New Partners and Offerings Drive Efficient, Quality Care for Patients with Sleep and Respiratory Disorder

  • New LabRetrieverTM partnership connects sleep lab patient management application to ResMed’s U-Sleep compliance platform
  • DME Data Solutions chooses ResMed’s healthcare informatics offerings to serve its HME and physician practice partners
  • Computers Unlimited (TIMS) rounds out its software offerings with ResMed Data Exchange integration
  • Hundreds of providers now use ResMed healthcare informatics integrated solutions to drive patient compliance and business efficiency

ResMed has achieved significant growth milestones in healthcare informatics, with key new partner and customer integrations.

“Healthcare information technology can be a powerful differentiator for our customers that are increasingly being asked to do more with less,” said Raj Sodhi, president of ResMed’s Healthcare Informatics global business unit. “ResMed’s healthcare informatics offerings help deliver the high-quality care and business efficiencies important for success in today’s fast-paced healthcare environment. The response to our team’s new product launches and enhancements has been overwhelming, and there’s much more in store.”

In early 2014, ResMed launched ResMed Data Exchange, a comprehensive suite of software and service solutions that integrates valuable data from ResMed patient management platforms with third-party electronic health and medical records, billing, and/or care management applications. ResMed Data Exchange has integrated with numerous leading applications and recently added the following partners:

LabRetriever: Connecting a Sleep Lab EMR to ResMed’s U-Sleep compliance solution

ResMed has partnered with LabRetriever to connect ResMed’s patient compliance management software, U-Sleep, to LabRetriever’s leading sleep lab electronic medical records (EMR) platform.

LabRetriever provides customizable, referral-to-compliance software for sleep lab management. This new partnership means compliance data measured by U-Sleep will automatically flow into the LabRetriever EMR, streamlining processes and boosting efficiencies for sleep lab and HME partners. HMEs will also be able to board patients into U-Sleep and will be notified when patients achieve compliance – all from within the LabRetriever application.

“Technology has the potential to transform sleep medicine, but only if it can easily accommodate the workflows of those that rely upon it,” said Cheryl Harner, vice president, LabRetriever. “Inputting data into multiple systems consumes valuable time and increases the likelihood of a transcription error. The integrated approach we’ve taken with ResMed will reduce data entry, eliminate the task of adding patients into multiple systems, and enable sharing of patient therapy reporting across multiple platforms.”

DME Data Solutions and Computers Unlimited: Among a Wave of New Partner Integrations

As further evidence of its healthcare informatics growth and momentum, ResMed today also announced that DME Data Solutions, a developer of innovative solutions for CPAP providers; and Computers Unlimited, developers of the TIMS HME Software suite; have become ResMed Data Exchange integration partners.

San Diego-based DME Data Solutions and Billings, Montana-based Computers Unlimited develop and market innovative products and services that help healthcare providers deliver the highest level of care to their patients with sleep-disordered breathing and other related conditions. Integrating to U-Sleep through ResMed Data Exchange means that DME Data Solutions’ and Computers Unlimited’s customers can more easily and securely share relevant patient information to drive positive health outcomes and workflow efficiencies.

“Our customers range from single-location HMEs to multi-physician practices, but they are united in their desire for solutions that can help them meet business and clinical goals with minimal upkeep and workflow disruption,” said Ken Ravazzolo, president of DME Data Solutions. “We conducted an extensive search process before settling on ResMed’s healthcare informatics offerings, which won us over for their straightforward implementation, comparative ease of use, and potential to deliver tangible business process improvements for our customers.”

David Schaer, President, Computers Unlimited comments: “In today’s hyper competitive and highly regulated business environment, provider organizations depend more than ever on strategic partners that can provide the right mix of software, services and support. Integrating with ResMed’s healthcare informatics platforms has allowed us to round out our software offerings to reduce duplicate data entry, maximize compliance, and streamline workflow, so our HME/DME customers can focus their attention on their patients.”

A Milestone in Data Integration

Since launch, ResMed Data Exchange has experienced rapid adoption. Many leading HMEs now benefit from the efficiencies created as a result of integrating their patients’ sleep and respiratory treatment workflows and data across complementary health information technology systems. As a result of the time saved by HMEs, tens of thousands of patients benefit from more personalized care.

ResMed will continue to expand the availability of ResMed Data Exchange with future integrations and will continue to support its AirView and U-Sleep patient management platforms with significant enhancements throughout 2015. For more information on ResMed’s healthcare informatics offerings, please visit

About LabRetriever

LabRetriever™, a fully customizable, referral-to-compliance software for sleep lab management, was designed in partnership with our customers to offer a comprehensive solution for the industry.  Scheduling features for in-lab studies, office visits, technicians and slots are just the beginning. LabRetriever™ also has a comprehensive HST processing solution to help your business easily implement its OCST strategy. Our extensive list of integrations with PSG/HST devices and exceptional reporting features offer businesses both flexibility and growth potential. For more information, visit

About DME Data Solutions

DME Data Solutions, Inc., is a leading developer and distributor of innovative database applications for healthcare providers. Specializing in providing solutions for organizations that diagnose and treat patients for sleep-disordered breathing, DME Data Solutions is a privately-held California corporation with headquarters in San Diego, CA. In 2014, the company had over 130 customers consisting of sleep physicians, hospitals and Home Medical Equipment companies. For more information, visit

About Computers Unlimited

Computers Unlimited, developer of TIMS HME Software, is an integrated software solution for HMEs, specialty pharmacy and home infusion markets throughout North America. Computers Unlimited delivers comprehensive claims processing and denial tracking, as well as rental equipment tracking and powerful accounting modules. The new patient intake, benefit-rich mobile delivery solutions, state of the art imaging system, enhanced data analysis tools and standard interfaces combined with Computers Unlimited unmatched customer support makes TIMS a complete software solution.