ResMed’s pediatric ventilation solution


ResMed’s pediatric non-invasive ventilation (NIV) solutions are designed with the comfort and compliance of young patients in mind, giving their caregivers and families peace of mind.

Ventilation options to meet the needs of your pediatric patients

Astral™ series: Astral life support ventilators were designed with the pediatric patient and their families in mind. Quiet, lightweight and portable, Astral provides invasive and non-invasive ventilation for pediatrics weighing at least 11 lbs. Combining the reassurance of internal and external battery options.

Astral offers a full range of synchrony features and a Learn Circuit feature that measures and compensates for circuit impedance, providing accuracy in ventilation monitoring. The Astral 150’s double limb circuit configuration offers measurement of exhaled tidal volumes in even your smallest patients, allowing for confident care without compromise.

Stellar™ series: For use in the hospital setting,the Stellar series of ventilators supports pediatric patients 15 kg and up, offering high-quality invasive and non-invasive ventilation in one easily accessible device. Light, small and quiet, Stellar offers a comprehensive set of alarms, technologies like PAC mode and Ti Min, and real-time monitoring.

S9 VPAP™ ST-A with iVAPS: Designed for both hospital and home, the S9 VPAP ST-A provides non-invasive ventilation support to pediatric patients (15 kg and up) with respiratory insufficiency. It features a comprehensive menu of alarm options as well as integrated oximetry, making it an ideal option for pediatric NIV use.

NIV mask options designed specifically for pediatrics

Pixi™ mask

Pixi is not merely a scaled-down adult sized mask that is used for children. It is designed especially for them, taking into account the bone structure, facial characteristics and skin sensitivity of children aged 2 years and older. Every feature of the Pixi mask is carefully considered to address and improve therapy comfort, acceptance and overall experience for both the child and their caregiver, from the single-wall, thin silicone cushion and special headgear with three points of adjustment, to the spring-flex lightweight tubing, optional port and quick-release latch. Learn more about Pixi


Mirage Kidsta™

The Mirage Kidsta mask is designed for children 7 years or older who need CPAP or bilevel therapy. Combining a number of proven, popular benefits of the adult Mirage™ designs with some child-friendly modifications, this open design provides the child with a clear field of vision and encourages acclimatization to therapy. Learn more about Mirage Kidsta


Ventilation accessories for pediatric patients

ResMed’s external battery gives children extra mobility and freedom during NIV therapy, especially if they are in a wheelchair. The Astral ventilators offer a long battery life: the combination of internal (8 hours) and external batteries (2 batteries can be coupled for a total of 16 hours) can provide up to 24 hours run-time. ResMed’s RPS II can be used with Stellar and S9 VPAP ST-A devices when mains power is not available, and as backup power in case of power outages.

  • Astral external battery (accessory)
  • ResMed Power Station II (RPS II)

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