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Setting up your humidifier

Setting up your humidifier

Got questions about how to set up your humidifier? Find the answers to the most frequently asked questions about humidifier setup here.

Q. Can I put my device on top of the humidifier?

A. Your device should always be placed either at the same level or above the humidifier to reduce the risk of water entering the CPAP machine. To further ensure that water doesn’t enter your device, disconnect the humidifier and drain the water before transporting it.

Q. I have a full face mask. Will I need more water during the night?

A. A full face mask should not change the amount of water used each night. If you had a mouth leak before, you could have been losing air and humidity through your mouth, in which case you should use less water now.

Q. Does heated humidification wear out my mask and hoses faster?

A. No. The tubing supplied with devices can withstand far higher temperatures than the heat generated by the humidifier.

Q. Should I turn on my humidifier before I go to bed to make sure the water is warm first?

A. If you find the air dry and irritating, you may want to turn your humidifier on 20 minutes before going to bed.

Q. I usually use my humidifier only in the winter months when the heater is on and the air is drier. Should I be using it all year round?

A. If you’re finding that you have nasal symptoms at other times of the year, then you should probably use your humidifier. The added humidification will most likely increase the air comfort since it’s more fully moisturized.

Q. Is humidification helpful for upper respiratory resistance syndrome (UARS)?

A. Unfortunately, there’s no evidence to show that humidification helps with UARS; it does, however, help alleviate side effects caused by the device. If you’re on therapy and experiencing nasal dryness/symptoms, then humidification should help decrease the symptoms, which are generally caused by the increased flow of air through your nasal passages. Humidification adds moisture, helping you cope with the increased flow of air.

Q. If I run out of distilled water, is it OK to use tap water once in a while?

A. Using distilled water will maximize the life of the water tub and reduce mineral deposits. Therefore, we recommend always using distilled water for use with therapy.

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