Read a selection of recently published clinical articles about a variety of sleep and breathing-related topics.

Farrell Favorites

ResMed Founder and Chairman Dr. Peter Farrell identifies key research findings that are shaping the field of sleep medicine today.

AutoSet technology

Learn more about the differences between fixed pressure and auto-adjusting therapy devices.

Sleep-related traffic accidents

Read about research on traffic accidents in relation to sleep and respiratory care.

The HOT-HMV study

The HOT-HMV trial shows that home mechanical ventilation (HMV) combined with home oxygen therapy (HOT) significantly reduces the risk of hospital readmission or death in severe COPD patients after an acute COPD exacerbation requiring NIV.

Sleep-disordered breathing and positive airway pressure

Read more research on the topics of sleep-disordered breathing (SDB) and positive airway pressure (PAP).

Diabetes and sleep apnea

Explore research about diabetes in relation to sleep and respiratory care.

Sleep therapy compliance

Read about research on compliance in relation to positive airway pressure therapy.

Sleep apnea and cardiovascular issues

Further explore research topics on cardiovascular disease and its connection to sleep apnea and SDB.

Obesity and sleep apnea

Read about obesity research in relation to sleep-disordered breathing and respiratory care.