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It started in 1989...

Since its foundation in 1989, ResMed has grown to become a global leader in the treatment of patients with sleep-disordered breathing and other respiratory disorders.

… and then we introduced Air Solutions connected care…

ResMed Air Solutions already provides a seamless cloud-based connection between patients, providers and physicians. Beginning at diagnosis, patients can be connected to providers through the ResMed Air Solutions ecosystem.

Once they start therapy, providers stay connected  through  the AirView™ patient management solution which uses wireless technology built into a new generation of therapy devices,  AirSense™ 10  and AirCurve™ 10

 And with U-Sleep™, ResMed’s premium patient management solution, additional features are available.

…and now ResMed Data Exchange connects Air Solutions to you



ResMed Data Exchange extends the power of ResMed Air Solutions to third party healthcare applications through a rich and comprehensive suite of APIs, developer tools and dedicated technical resources. ResMed Data Exchange can help you quickly add value to your application, supporting improved operational workflows and patient outcomes.

Additional integration capabilities are available to streamline customers’ interactions with ResMed, including:

ResMed Online Store:

ResMed Online Store (ROS) is a cost-effective eBusiness solution that helps HMEs and labs significantly enhance their workflow efficiencies. ROS delivers the power of online ResMed purchasing and tracking, real-time pricing and availability information, bill payment and returns management - all from the convenience of a single application. ROS is more than just an online store: it’s the ideal way for you to transact with ResMed.

Electronic data interchange:

A suite of ResMed EDI options streamline the exchange of purchase order and shipping information between ResMed and HME purchasing systems.

You can take advantage of these interfaces, tools and APIs through our integration program

The ResMed Data Exchange program gives you access to a team of professionals who will work with you to define a solution that best suits your workflow and support you throughout the integration process.

Contact us to discuss your requirements or request more information.