Interoperability | ResMed

Experience the advantages
of system interoperability

To realize their true value, healthcare systems need to interconnect to other systems. Interoperability multiplies the power of systems by exchanging data and capabilities to dramatically enhance the capabilities of your healthcare solution offering.  

Interoperability can enable you to:

Differentiate your solution

Streamlined sleep management workflows and improved data insights will help to set your offering apart from others.

Gain and retain customers

Enriching your service offering and delivering superior value will help you to gain new customers and retain existing ones.

Enhance analytical insightv

Use advanced analysis, reporting tools and data to improve patient care and identify areas for operational improvement.

Increase workflow efficiency

Interoperability can enable you to work smarter, managing more patients without increasing resources.

Increase revenue

Adding valuable features to your service offering and stimulating the sale of supplies through long term patient compliance can help drive increased revenue.

Deliver a better user experience

Integrated sleep management capabilities can help deliver an improved user experience through seamless access to data and features.

Leverage the power of partnership

Industry partnerships are evolving. An interoperable system can enable you to leverage partnerships to provide greater functionality to end users.

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