Harness the power of interoperability

Businesses today are looking for ways to leverage their investment in systems to address declining margins, shifting payor requirements and competitive pressures.  To reach their greatest potential, systems need to connect to other systems. This is the power of interoperability; exchanging data and features in ways that dramatically enhance the end user experience.

Through ResMed Data Exchange, third party healthcare application partners and HME providers can connect their applications to the ResMed Air Solutions ecosystem. The result? Improved workflow efficiencies helping to deliver better patient outcomes.

The advantages of interoperability

System interoperability can deliver increased workflow efficiencies and improved patient outcomes.

What we can
do for you

ResMed Data Exchange offers tools and resources that can help you achieve better business and patient outcomes.  

How we help you
make the connection

Our team of healthcare informatics professionals will help you realize your solution vision.

Contact us to discuss your requirements or request more information.