Oxygen is what enables every cell in the human body to create energy. Whether it's hiking, walking or just talking, all life depends on breathing oxygen. 

While many find breathing an easy task, a growing number of people with COPD and other respiratory conditions do not. That's why ResMed is developing new solutions to improve respiratory care. 

ResMed Mobi, our portable oxygen concentrator, features a balance of oxygen, weight and battery life so you can help your patients do more. 

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The latest addition to our respiratory care products, Mobi delivers a balance of oxygen, weight and battery life. With an intuitive display, one-touch setup and Pulse-Wave™ technology, it’s designed to provide patients with the oxygen they need to stay active and enjoy life.

LifeChoice™ Activox™ 4L

Activox features a long-lasting battery in a simplified and lightweight design. It uses Pulse-Wave technology to efficiently deliver the selected dose of oxygen at the right time.