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Advancing sleep patient compliance management

Times are changing in the sleep business. Competitive bidding, changing payor requirements, increasing competition, shrinking margins and the need to do more with less are causing the whole industry to lose sleep. That's why we developed U-Sleep: a secure and powerful CPAP compliance monitoring solution that enables HMEs to streamline their sleep programs to achieve better business and patient outcomes.

U-Sleep monitors your patients' compliance and therapy data – automatically identifying which patients may be struggling* – so you can proactively address issues as they happen and provide better care.


Connect seamlessly to AirView

U-Sleep automatically connects to CPAP and ventilator data that has been sent to ResMed's AirView™ patient management system wirelessly or through card upload. This data is then automatically analyzed by U-Sleep. And with ResMed's Air10™ devices, therapy data is available in U-Sleep shortly after the patient has finished sleeping.

Manage patients by exception

U-Sleep's Action View feature sorts your entire list of patients into actionable groups based on your selected program, helping you streamline workflows and focus on those who require follow-up. This can dramatically reduce the time it takes to manage your sleep population, and it minimizes the risk of not having time to follow up with every patient. 

Automated patient coaching

Research shows the important role coaching plays in improving patient compliance and therapy outcomes.1

U-Sleep automates this process – sending patients notifications via email, phone or text based on whether they are doing well or struggling with their therapy. Independent studies have demonstrated that U-Sleep’s automated coaching can improve patient compliance rates1 while saving you valuable time.2

Patients may also sign-up for myAir™, a free patient support tool for Air10 users that allows them to track their therapy progress online. Patients registered for both applications may receive messages from both. The content of these messages was carefully designed to be consistent across myAir and U-Sleep, with the ultimate goal of helping patients become compliant on CPAP therapy and maximize the benefits they receive.

Connect with ResMed Data Exchange (RDX)

ResMed Data Exchange (RDX) connects U-Sleep patient and therapy data to third-party billing, practice management and electronic health record software, helping streamline your workflows and patient care management.


  1. Sedkaoui K et al. Efficiency of a Phone Coaching Program on Adherence to Continuous Positive Airway Pressure in Sleep Apnea Hypopnea Syndrome: A Randomized Trial. BMC Pulmonary Medicine 2015;15:102.
  2. Munafo D et al. A Telehealth Program for CPAP Adherence Reduces Labor and Yields Similar Adherence and Efficacy When Compared to Standard of Care. Sleep & Breathing 2016:777–85.

*Action View feature uses your selected program rules for usage, therapy and compliance to automatically sort patients into actionable groups.

Support for U-Sleep

U-Sleep customer support hours are Monday to Friday, 7:30am to 8:00pm (EST).



Create a support ticket

If you are a patient and are experiencing difficulty with your CPAP device or therapy, please contact your HME provider or caregiver.