ResMed sleep therapy devices: Innovation and technology

ResMed sleep therapy devices: innovation and technology

At ResMed, our mission is to improve your patient’s day-to-day treatment journey.

Your patient’s therapy comfort and efficacy are important to us. Our focus on continuous innovation allows us to push the boundaries to give your patients smaller, quieter and more comfortable sleep therapy devices that are also easy to set up and use.

Learn more about all the different sleep therapy technologies that feature in various devices across our range.

Enhanced Easy-Breathe motor

Quietly delivering comfort

At the heart of our S9 sleep therapy devices is the enhanced Easy-Breathe motor, uniquely designed to keep "in sync" with your patient’s breathing.

  • Easy-breathe technology provides gentle increases and decreases in pressure in line with each patient’s natural breathing pattern, so the breathing cycle is smooth and comfortable.
  • The Easy-Breathe motor delivers high performance, but does so quietly. In fact it’s no louder than normal breathing* — creating a natural, peaceful sleeping  environment for your patient and their bed partner.
  • Advanced motor technology not only provides a peaceful environment in the bedroom (ie, radiated noise), but also affects the noise traveling through the mask (ie, conducted noise), helping your patients feel more comfortable as they breathe and sleep.

Here’s how it works:

Radiated noise: The sound you hear in the room        

Conducted noise: The noise you feel through the tube

*24 dBA. Comparison tests conducted between S9, S8 and currently available competitor products.

The Easy-breathe motor also plays a part in differentiating between obstructive and central apneas using a forced oscillation technique (FOT).


Design and aesthetics

Enhancing acceptance and long-term compliance

Our S9 sleep device range was designed after in-depth market research, taking into account feedback from patients as well as sleep professionals.

The result is a therapy system that looks less like a medical device and more like it fits in with your patient’s contemporary lifestyle.

  • Sleek and stylish design
  • A large, color LCD screen displays all menus and treatment options.
  • Logical, easy-to-manage controls with 4 clearly marked buttons.

S9 with Essentials

Even though the S9 is easy to use, you will still have some patients who are less concerned with navigating settings and menus, and more with just getting a good night’s sleep.These patients are best set up on S9 with Essentials. S9 Essentials offers the full benefits of therapy without the extra information — patients simply press "Start" and the device takes care of the rest. This means fewer callbacks for you and your clinical team, and more confidence that your patients are receiving their required treatment, worry-free.



Here's what patients had to say after trialing an S9 device:

"I slept well; my machine was easy to use and made me comfortable all night."

"CPAP machines are finally catching up to the 21st century!"

"I really like the aesthetic appeal and reduced bulk of the S9 compared to my current unit."

Here’s what clinicians said:

"First impressions are everything. It offers everything and it looks good. The impact will be positive because of the appearance." "I like the screen. Some of our CPAP patients are older. And it’s colored with a knob that you can turn." "I like the way it looks, personally. I think people would like it better if something doesn’t look so clinical in the bedroom."

Climate Control

The complete humidification solution made simple  

Using a humidifier can make a positive difference to your patient’s therapy comfort and experience, helping them avoid a dry nose or throat, and keep their mouth closed while they sleep.

Together, the S9 device, H5i Heated Humidifier and the ClimateLineTM heated tube deliver ResMed’s humidification solution, called Climate Control.

  • What’s unique about Climate Control is that you set your preferred temperature setting, not your preferred humidity level (which is likely to change based on changes in temperature throughout the night).
  • Climate Control then uses feedback from five different sensors to intelligently adjust the amount of humidity delivered to maintain their preferred temperature setting, regardless of changes in ambient conditions.

  • The ClimateLine heated tube is an important part of our Climate Control humidification solution. The tube contains a temperature sensor built into the mask end of the tube, which means that air heated consistently at your preferred setting will be delivered through to your mask.
  • By keeping the air temperature in the ClimateLine tube constant, it’s less likely that condensation (often referred to as "rainout") will form in the tube, which can be a source of discomfort for patients.
  • In a recent study, patients using ResMed’s Climate Control humidification system reported significantly less dryness and condensation (rainout), and found mask temperature to be much more comfortable.*

*Wimms AJ, Richards GN, Benjafield et al. Adherence comparison of a new CPAP system in sleep disordered breathing. Sleep 2011;34 (Abstract Suppl): 0391.
Benjafeld et al. Climate Control: Humidification with heated tube. ResMed Science Center 2010Enhanced AutoSet™

Enhanced AutoSetTM algorithm

With central sleep apnea (CSA) detection  

ResMed’s renowned AutoSet algorithm has been enhanced for the S9 AutoSet therapy device.

  • Using ResMed’s advanced AutoSet technology, S9 AutoSet devices automatically adjust each patient’s therapy pressure as their needs change—hourly, nightly and from season to season—to deliver the patient’s ideal, lowest therapy pressure.

  • As a result, AutoSet is clinically proven to increase patient comfort and compliance.1-3
  • The AutoSet algorithm has been enhanced to provide central sleep apnea (CSA) detection.

            o   To differentiate between obstructive and central apneas, the Easy-breathe motor* uses a Forced Oscillation Technique (FOT) to assess the state of the patient’s airway during an apnea.

            o   How CSA detection it works

During an apnea, the Easy-breathe motor applies the FOT, that is, small oscillations in pressure are added to the patient’s device pressure.

            o   If no flow is detected, the airway is closed (and the patient is deemed to be having an obstructive apnea). If flow is detected, the airway is open (and the the patient is therefore deemed to be having a central apnea).

            o   The device then responds accordingly by either increasing pressure (for obstructive apneas) or maintaining the current pressure and recording the central event in the patient’s AHI report for follow up.

  • ResMed’s CSA detection technology ensures that your patients will always receive their therapy requirements at the lowest, most comfortable pressure for them.

Learn more about the difference between obstructive and central apneas.

            o   Obstructive sleep apnea

Central sleep apnea


  1. Teschler et al.Eur Respir J 2000
  2. Hukins.Sleep 2004
  3. Massie C.A, et al. Comparison between automatic and fixed positive airway pressure therapy in the home.Crit. Care Med. 2003, 167:20-23

*Note: The Enhanced AutoSet Algorithm is only available in the S9 AutoSet. Central Sleep Apnea (CSA) detection is available in both S9 AutoSet and S9 Elite.

SlimLineTM tube

Smaller, slimmer, sleeker

Convenient, comfortable and user-friendly, ResMed’s SlimLine tubes are 40% lighter and 20% thinner and takes up 35% less space than standard tubes.*

  • Flexible and travel-friendly for your freedom and comfort.
  • The slim, flexible design makes it easier for you to move around in bed without pulling on your mask and breaking the seal.
  • Both ends of the SlimLine tube are designed to be easier to grip, and slot into the mask and device without any fuss.


* Compared to standard 19 mm tubing

Here's what people said after clinical trials with S9...

"I moved easier [sic] during sleep. It provided a better night’s sleep."

"The tube was lighter and easier to sleep with."

"The new tube was much lighter than standard tubing, I could hardly feel the tube on mask."