ResMed SDB Therapy Solutions

CPAP is the gold standard for treating SDB. CPAP therapy involves a flow generator that gently delivers pressurized air via a mask to keep the upper airway open during sleep. ResMed creates innovative products for SDB that keep the patient comfortable and are easy to use. The latest system from ResMed, the S9™ series, features a whisper-quiet Easy-Breathe motor and patient-specific humidity and temperature levels during use to ensure peaceful sleep.

ResMed has best-in-class mask offerings, with an international survey conducted in 2012 showing we are the number one mask brand preferred by CPAP patients[1]. Our masks include the ultra-light Quattro™ Air full face mask and the AirFit™ P10 nasal pillows system. We also have masks made especially for women and pediatric masks for children.

In addition to making CPAP more comfortable for patients, we have a number of new ventures for improving sleep apnea therapy. We manufacture Narval™ CC, a mandibular repositioning device (MRD) that is fitted by a dentist and is used to treat mild to moderate sleep apnea and snoring. In 2011, ResMed acquired BiancaMed, now ResMed Sensor Technologies, which develops contactless sensors to monitor a patient’s sleep and breathing. We also acquired Umbian Inc. so that patients and clinicians  can benefit from the company’s U-Sleep compliance monitoring software.


[1] Combined responses of those expressing a preference in an independent patient survey in the USA, UK, Germany, France & Australia, from September 2012.