Compliance and Monitoring

CPAP treatment is only effective if it is used consistently, so the first step toward patient compliance is making a product that patients want to use. We make flow generators that are sleek, quiet and unobtrusive with an intuitive user interface that mimics computers and cell phones, so it is easy for patients to adjust to therapy and continue using it night after night. Our masks are comfortable and rest lightly on the face, while still offering an effective seal. ResMed flow generators also feature a mask fit indicator, which tells the patient right away if the mask is leaking or not fitting properly.

Patient compliance is enhanced with careful monitoring to increase accountability. ResMed flow generators can save and wirelessly transmit data through the EasyCare Online monitoring system. This allows doctors to see, at a glance, if a patient is compliant with therapy. Compliance data is also stored in an SD card within the device itself.

EasyCare Online and S9 SD data cards also keep detailed records about how therapy is working, including the number of apnea or hypopnea events, leaks, pressure, pulse rate and oxygen saturation. This allows clinicians to quickly determine if a patient needs an adjustment in therapy.