ResMed therapy solutions for COPD

We offer a variety of respiratory care solutions – including a comprehensive range of ventilators with AirView™ remote monitoring, portable oxygen concentrators and the #1 mask brand preferred by patients. All of our devices feature world-class technology and intuitive design features, including menu options that allow low-touch therapy setup and adjustment. 

Mobi™. The ResMed Mobi portable oxygen concentrator features a balance of oxygen, weight and battery life. Featuring an easy-to-read display, one-touch setup and simple settings changes, it's designed to give patients the freedom they need to live life. Mobi also uses Pulse-Wave™ technology to efficiently deliver the selected does of oxygen at the right time.

VPAP™ COPDThe VPAP COPD’s integrated oxygen entrainment support and customized therapy settings make it easy to set up and initiate therapy, working to minimize hyperinflation and improve patient comfort.

AirCurve 10 ST-A with iVAPS. Our premium bilevel device is optimized to treat patients with respiratory insufficiency using the latest automation technology and intelligent volume assured pressure support (iVAPS). This technology automatically adjusts to a patient's respiratory rate, targets alveolar ventilation and adjusts pressure support as needed to accommodate each patient's unique needs, even as their disease progresses. 

Stellar™ 100 and 150. Stellar offers higher pressure (up to 40 cm H2O), with both invasive and non-invasive applications. Its internal battery helps COPD patients who need daytime therapy to enjoy greater mobility.

Astral™ 100 and 150. Astral life support ventilators are designed to mimic the clinical features of a high acuity environment while offering the quality of life benefits that are so important to chronically ill COPD patients. It offers a broad range of therapy modes and features including synchrony features that minimize inspiratory time (which is helpful in minimizing intrinsic PEEP) and high-resolution waveforms to enable visual detection of intrinsic PEEP. Astral also features integrated FiO2 and optional SpO2 monitoring so you can fine-tune oxygen delivery.

AirView™AirView is our cloud-based data management system* that helps you determine whether a patient is compliant and using NIV therapy for the recommended timeline. It also allows you to monitor patients’ respiratory rate, which can help identify and possibly prevent an acute exacerbation.1

* Not all ResMed devices are compatible with AirView. Contact your ResMed sales representative to learn more about which devices connect to AirView.



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