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Ventilation solutions

Respiratory care

The goals of respiratory care are to:

- Improve oxygenation and ventilation

- Support the patient’s work of breathing1,2

ResMed offers a broad range of respiratory care offerings for invasive and non-invasive ventilation, as well as oxygen therapy, to suit different patients and care settings.

Our suite of respiratory care solutions includes therapy devices complemented by masks that incorporate innovative comfort and performance technologies, patient management software, accessories, training and service.

Portable oxygen concentrators

ResMed Mobi™ expands our oxygen therapy solutions. It has been designed to improve patient quality of life and meet your business needs.

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Traveling with oxygen

Mobi's ideal balance of oxygen, weight and battery life makes traveling with oxygen easy.

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Noninvasive ventilation (NIV)

Noninvasive ventilation (NIV) provides ventilatory support to patients who suffer from respiratory insufficiency.

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Getting the most out of ventilation therapy

Comfortable equipment, proper replacement, follow-up and education are critical to helping patients adapt to and stay on therapy.

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Neuromuscular disease

Learn more neuromuscular disease (NMD): how to recognize the symptoms in your patients, ResMed’s treatment solutions, and documented patient outcomes.

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Ventilation for pediatric patients

Learn more about ResMed’s ventilation solutions for pediatric patients: the special considerations, the ideal treatment solution and documented patient outcomes.

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Chest wall disorders

Learn more about chest wall disorders: how to recognize them in your patients, ResMed’s treatment solutions, and documented patient outcomes.

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What is COPD? The problem, symptoms and diagnosis

Overview of COPD including signs and symptoms, causes, stages, treatment, economics and patient outcomes. A global problem with economic consequences.

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High flow oxygen therapy

High flow oxygen therapy is used in acute respiratory failure as well as chronic respiratory failure.

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