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Capturing more undiagnosed patients in your lab is critical to practice and patient success. Learn how to grow your referral base with our step-by-step home sleep testing recommendations.

Home sleep testing (HST)

Did you know that approximately 90% of US adult lives have access to home sleep testing? (estimate based on total US adult lives enrolled in health plan that covers HST). HST continues to gain momentum as a diagnostic pathway because it removes the top two barriers to diagnosis identified by patients and referring physicians: the inconvenience of spending the night in a sleep lab and the cost of a traditional PSG study.1-2

By incorporating HST into your practice, you’re leveraging a significant opportunity to grow the number of patients you diagnose. Some patients are reticent about overnight in-lab testing and refuse to be tested at a lab. By expanding your lab’s offerings to include HST, you are adding a service that allows you to reach those patients that might otherwise go undiagnosed. And with the ResMed ApneaLink Air, HST and diagnosis is a simple and efficient process for you and your patients.

When you’re ready to integrate HST into your practice, ResMed offers you guidance along the way.

Four steps to success

Create and optimize your HST program with these four ResMed key capabilities:

  1. Contacting payer to discuss contracts and reimbursement. Which HST codes do your payer want to be billed under?
  2. Developing an operational protocol. To which patients will your labs offer HST (this may be largely defined by your payer coverage policies)?
  3. Evaluating portable monitoring devices. What channels will your lab capture? Are you looking for a Type II, III or IV portable monitoring device?
  4. Creating a marketing plan for referral sources. Many labs avoid marketing their HST program, when in fact, promoting this testing option can motivate referring physicians to order more sleep studies.

For more information on home sleep testing or our four key capabilities, contact your local ResMed representative or customer service.   


  1. Survey of 147 primary care physicians conducted in October 2011 for ResMed by a third party market research firm.
  2. Survey of 200 patients conducted in August 2011 for ResMed by a third party market research firm.