Training resources for HMEs
Training resources

Training resources

e-Learning modules

Visit our e-Learning academy for free online courses to help drive HME business growth, including:

  • Partnering with sleep labs to drive home sleep testing
  • Driving sleep awareness to primary care
  • Presenting diagnostic pathways to primary care
  • Group CPAP classes
  • Obesity and sleep apnea
  • Basics of sleep-disordered breathing

Group CPAP classes

Conducting group CPAP classes and assigning patients peer buddies can significantly reduce the amount of time respiratory therapists spend on new patient setups, and can lead to better compliance outcomes for patients!

Here are some easy-to-use resources to help make classes run smoothly:

  • The Group CPAP Class sign-in sheet helps ensure patients are aware of and consent to the "group" aspect of class for HIPAA compliance.
  • The patient checklist lets patients fill in their CPAP information and HME contact info to keep and always have handy. The checklist on the back side helps them take notes and recall what they learned.
  • The Air Solutions DVD includes helpful videos for patients on how to use and care for their CPAP equipment. (Order on the ResMed Online Store).

Bilevel transition program

ResMed resources are available to help you identify pressure-intolerant, non-compliant patients and intervene early within the first 90 days of PAP therapy.

Service training