US Internet Advertising Policy
US internet advertising policy

US Internet advertising policy

Effective November 1, 2012

ResMed makes superior products for the treatment of sleep-disordered breathing and other medical conditions. Patient compliance is an important aspect of effective treatment, and the involvement of health professionals greatly improves compliance. Most of ResMed's products are regulated by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), are classified as Class II medical devices, and require a prescription from a health care practitioner before sale to consumers. ResMed believes that its products are best sold by a highly qualified network of medical equipment professionals. ResMed also believes the advertising of its products on the Internet is most effective when coupled with the high degree of service provided by this network of customers. ResMed therefore chooses to authorize the advertising of its products on the Internet only by customers that positively and consistently promote the features and benefits of ResMed products on the Internet.

ResMed has established this US Internet Advertising Policy (the "Internet Advertising Policy") to describe its expectations of customers advertising ResMed's products on the Internet ("Internet Advertisers"). ResMed requires that its products be advertised on the Internet in a manner consistent with this Internet Advertising Policy.

ResMed chooses to permit Internet Advertisers to advertise its products online only if they:

  1. Do not advertise prices for ResMed products on the Internet
  2. Do not advertise or sell ResMed products outside of the US.
  3. Advertise ResMed products online only to consumers and do not encourage or engage in business-to-business sales.
  4. Buy ResMed products only from ResMed.
  5. Do not sell ResMed products online or advertise ResMed products on any third-party websites.
  6. Do not advertise non-ResMed products together with ResMed products as part of a combined therapy product offering. This Internet Advertising Policy is not intended to restrict in-store sales of non-ResMed products.
  7. Do not alter the intended use of, misbrand or promote off-label uses of ResMed products.
  8. Use only marketing material, logos, product images and collateral provided or authorized by ResMed pursuant to a Limited Copyright License. Prominently display ResMed logos and products on the Internet Advertiser's site. Do not disparage ResMed or its products.
  9. Identify ResMed products that require a prescription for use.
  10. Comply with all state and federal laws applicable to the advertising of ResMed products.

ResMed's Internet Advertising Policy is a unilaterally adopted policy. The Internet Advertising Policy does not require any customer to charge a particular price for any ResMed product in store. If a customer violates this Internet Advertising Policy, then ResMed reserves the unilateral right to terminate customer's access to some or all of ResMed's products, terminate its Internet Advertiser status, terminate its ResMed account, or take such other actions as ResMed, in its sole discretion, deems appropriate in light of the particular circumstances.

ResMed will not discuss the business dealings of any customer with any other customer. ResMed acts in its sole interest, based on its own information and decisions, in adopting and administering this Internet Advertising Policy to promote its success and the overall success of its customers and patients. ResMed reserves the right to change or discontinue this Internet Advertising Policy at any time. No customer has any right to rely on its continued existence. ResMed always reserves the right to choose those customers with which it will do business, including Internet Advertisers. Sales of ResMed products on the Internet are not authorized pursuant to this Internet Advertising Policy.

ResMed's sales representatives are strictly prohibited from discussing specific retail pricing with any customer. All questions regarding this Internet Advertising Policy should be directed, in writing, to