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Clinical education services

Clinical education services

We believe that industry and medical science must work together to enhance patient therapy. Our acclaimed sleep program was developed in support of this philosophy.

Staffed by experienced, credentialed clinicians, our global team of clinical specialists provides more than in-service product support. They will consult on current clinical practices and protocols, analyze product usage, and make recommendations that improve efficiency and lower costs.

Our clinical specialists come from sleep, nursing, respiratory therapy and cardiopulmonary backgrounds. Their broad base of experience encompasses critical care, anesthesia and post-anesthesia, cardiovascular recovery, medical-surgical, sleep therapy and home care, emergency and other specialties.Our clinical research program has supported over 1,000 studies by physicians, nurses, respiratory therapists and cardiopulmonary specialists at major universities and medical centers around the world.

Clinical specialist program highlights

Our clinical specialists serve as valuable training resources for your institution as well as your clinical connection to current trends in health care. Educational services include:

  • Continuing education. Providing continuing education credit programs for respiratory care practitioners, nurses and case managers
  • In-service training. Conducting product-specific in-service training including pertinent discussion of physiology and clinical applications
  • Clinical practice consultation. Discussing clinical protocols and practices based on current research and articles to assist you in the development of your own protocols
  • Product usage analysis. Evaluating product usage to recommend ways for improving efficiency and lowering costs
  • Speaker support. Speaking or sponsoring speakers on clinical and contemporary health care topics at national, regional and local professional society meetings
  • Reimbursement assistance. Assisting with reimbursement coding and guidelines in the area of sleep-disordered breathing and related products
  • Business growth initiatives. Providing tips to help you expand your business and take advantage of opportunities provided by emerging technologies

To find out how a clinical specialist can help you, please contact us.