Designed efficiency

With an intuitive interface, easy setup and simple servicing, Astral™ has been designed to make ventilation support straightforward and efficient. It simplifies inventory management by offering one ventilator that’s designed to treat most types of respiratory disorders in pediatric and adult patients. Astral is compatible with a wide range of invasive and noninvasive interfaces, offers a full suite of volume and pressure therapy modes, and conveniently provides the option to quickly switch between leak and valve circuits. All this equates to significant time savings during training, patient setup and patient follow-up.

A comprehensive set of self-learning tools, along with training workshops from ResMed, allows you to quickly become familiar with Astral.


Simplified inventory management

Virtual EXPvalue

Because of its versatile capabilities, Astral can reduce the number of life support devices in your fleet. This minimizes time spent on device training and makes it simple to select the appropriate device for therapy.

Astral meets an extensive range of adult and pediatric ventilation needs, including invasive and noninvasive applications. It's compatible with vented and non-vented masks, mouthpieces and tracheostomy tubes.

It can be used for a broad range of conditions, provides a full suite of volume and pressure therapy modes, and can easily be changed between leak and valve circuits.

Intuitive design

Virtual Astral

With its large high-resolution touch screen, Astral is easy for patients, clinicians and caregivers to use. It can even be operated with gloved hands. The interface helps put users at ease by offering a logical information system. And the QuickConnect™ single limb valve circuit means fewer connections are required to help prevent accidental mixing of the PEEP and proximal pressure lines.

Saving time and resources in staff training

Screen setup

Astral has been designed for easy handling and patient care, minimizing the need for complex instructions. The intuitive interface, user-friendly menus and easy operation help alleviate training pressure and minimize training time.

Its broad range of therapies also helps reduce the number of devices your staff has to familiarize themselves with.

Training to fit in with your busy schedule

Clinical setup

ResMed offers a full suite of self-learning tools. The Astral "buttonology" is an easy way to familiarize your staff with the menus and setting options. Such tools enable learning at the right time — when your staff needs it and when schedules permit.

Training and reference materials include:

  • Searchable, electronic Clinical Manual
  • Quick Setup Guides
  • Interactive Tutorial
  • Product Tour

In addition to self-learning tools, ResMed offers training workshops for clinical staff at the initial purchase of Astral and subsequently for staff who require refreshers.

Easy patient setup

Screen setup

Astral’s interface and Setup Assistant have been designed to enable quick and accurate patient setup.

Setup Assistant

This feature guides you step-by-step through the setup process, including the Learn Circuit function to help you achieve accurate therapy delivery and monitoring.

Learn circuit

This helps determine the resistance and compliance characteristics of the circuit and includes a device self test, in which the oxygen cell and expiratory flow sensors are checked and calibrated.

QuickConnect™ circuit

The QuickConnect single limb valve circuit means fewer connections are required and helps prevent accidental mixing of the PEEP and proximal pressure lines.

Customizable pre-set programs

Clinicians can pre-configure programs so patients or caregivers can easily select the right therapy at the right time.

* Four pre-configured programs can be customized for Astral 150 and two for Astral 100.

Quick and easy servicing

Screen Information

Astral’s modular internal design means fewer components and connections, so servicing can be performed quickly with minimal training — reducing downtime and substantially lowering cost of ownership.

Tailored service options

ResMed offers different levels of support to suit specific needs. Each service option is characterized by ResMed’s commitment to an enduring partnership with clinicians, patients and caregivers.


ResMed provides a standard two-year warranty for Astral devices. A six-month warranty is provided for the internal battery and one or two optional external battery(s). Extended warranties may also be purchased.

Comprehensive system solution

Astral NV

ResMed provides a range of accessories compatible with Astral to deliver a comprehensive system solution.

ResMed hospital trolley – Holds the entire Astral system, including the ventilator, humidifier, oxygen tank and other accessories. Integrated power management lets you connect multiple electrical devices and power them with just one cord.

Astral mobility bag – Holds the entire system, including the ventilator, its external batteries and other accessories.

Astral desktop stand – An ergonomic and convenient solution for placing Astral on a bedside table at an angle.

Astral DC adapter – For power from 12–24V DC supplies, such as a car power outlet.

ResMed masks – Choose from an extensive range of lightweight and comfortable masks, including vented masks and non-vented masks.

ResMed Remote Alarm II – A practical solution that enables caregivers to leave their patient’s bedside knowing they will be alerted if an alarm is triggered on the Astral device.

ResMed HumiCare™ D900 – For consistent humidification in changing ambient conditions.

Astral external battery – Under typical conditions, Astral can operate continuously for up to 16 hours when connected to two external batteries, each providing up to 8 hours of power.*

   *Test conditions: Adult, P(A)CV mode, P control: 20 cm H2O, PEEP: 0 cm H2O, Rate: 15 bpm, Ti: 1.2 sec.

Nonin pulse oximeter – For real-time SpO2 and pulse readings.

ResMed consumables – Astral is validated with a range of patient circuits and consumables including:

Single limb valve circuits

15 mm, 22 mm (0.59”, 0.87”)

Double limb valve circuits

10 mm, 15 mm, 22 mm (0.39”, 0.59”, 0.87”)

Catheter mounts

15 mm, 22 mm (0.59”, 0.87”)

Heat Moisture Exchangers (HMEs)  

Adult, pediatric and neonate patients

Antibacterial filters

Supplemental oxygen and nebulizers can also be attached to Astral

A full list of compatible accessories is available here