Innovative Therapies
Innovative Therapies

Innovative therapies


ResMed Air Solutions features a variety of innovative therapies that help patients stay comfortable and compliant. 

Unique therapy for women

The pioneering new AirSense™ 10 AutoSet™ for Her features ResMed’s AutoSet algorithm and delivers therapeutic responses that have been tailored to the characteristics of OSA in women. Research has shown that women with OSA have more upper airway resistance than the general OSA population,1 which is why the AutoSet for Her algorithm has been designed to be more sensitive to flow limitation. As a result, the algorithm provides more subtle changes in therapy pressure which may help to minimise sleep disturbance. What’s more, the AirSense 10 AutoSet for Her provides a respiratory effort-related arousal (RERA) reporting feature within AirView™ – ResMed’s cloud-based patient management system. This logs and stores effort-related sleep disturbances, providing you with additional clinical insight. Read more.


The new AutoRamp™ feature with sleep onset detection helps make falling asleep more comfortable for patients. AutoRamp works by delivering a low pressure to help patients fall asleep with ease. Once it detects they’re asleep, it comfortably increases the pressure to ensure the prescribed level is delivered the moment it’s needed. Read More.

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