Remote Assist
Remote Assist

Remote Assist

Remote Assist

Remote Assist is a feature within the AirView™ platform that helps you put patients at ease from the moment they call. It gives you access to a variety of up-to-date therapy information from any patient’s AirSense™ 10 or AirCurve™ 10 device, so you can quickly answer questions and troubleshoot issues without having to schedule timely and unnecessary visits. Remote Assist is available to all AirView users and does not require a monitoring subscription plan.


Device status

By displaying a green bar when performing properly and a red bar when there’s something wrong, you automatically know whether the issue can be resolved over the phone.



Last 5 days of usage/leak data and mask type

Understand how well the patient has been sleeping, troubleshoot comfort issues or recommend a different mask type based on patient feedback.



Ambient humidity

Quickly view the patient's ambient humidity level and current settings to see if humidification needs to be adjusted.

Here’s what our customers are saying about how ResMed Air Solutions and AirView’s Remote Assist feature is helping their businesses. 

“Now I can easily resolve 99.9% of patient callbacks from my office. It’s a huge time-saver.”
Quinlan’s Pharmacy & Medical Supply, Wayland, NY


“Remote Assist has completely changed the way we do business.”

Medigy LLC, Fort Worth, TX


“30–40% of my new patients would schedule appointments to help answer their questions – those appointments usually lasted between 30–45 minutes. Now they call and I can use Remote Assist to ensure them that everything is fine and I can quickly answer any questions they have.”

VitalCare, Cheboygan, MI


“I used to have patients come in and bring their machine to address their questions because it was just easier. Where we’re located in Vermont, sometimes people travel an hour and a half just to get here! I’m saving a lot of time on calls and it‘s so much more convenient for my patients.”

The Medical Store, South Burlington, VT


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