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Ultra Mirage NV Nasal

Ultra MirageTM NV nasal mask

Ultra MirageTM NV nasal mask

Specifically designed for ventilators with an active exhalation valve, the ResMed Ultra Mirage NV nasal mask provides comfort, stability and an excellent seal. The mask assists in optimal patient–ventilator synchrony for patients suffering from acute, as well as chronic, respiratory distress or failure. Please note: This mask is designed for long-term ventilation patients, and not for positive airway pressure therapy.


Key features


  • Comfort. Dual-wall cushion combines a secure seal with gentle comfort. Further comfort is provided by minimizing moisture trapped between the skin and the headgear.
  • Reliability. The mask's superior seal and stability offer peace of mind for ventilation patients.
  • Durability. Hypoallergenic, durable materials add to patient comfort and extended mask life.
  • Adjustable. The Ultra Mirage NV nasal mask comes in three frame sizes plus two cushion profiles to provide more fitting options.