QuattroTM FX NV full face mask

  • Light and unobtrusive, Quattro FX NV (non-vented) full face mask is a reliable, effective option for non-invasive ventilation that's suitable in the hospital and the home. Starting midway on the nasal bridge, it touches the patient’s face only where necessary to offer comfortable, unobtrusive ventilation. Please note: This mask is not designed for CPAP or bilevel use.

Key features



  • Comfortable. Offering minimal facial contact for a full face mask, the Quattro FX NV avoids patient skin irritation.
  • Unobtrusive. Patients enjoy a clear field of vision with minimal visual obstruction.
  • Safe. The mask features a blue-tinted elbow to avoid confusion with vented masks for added safety.
  • Versatile. This mask is suitable for multi-patient use.

Product support

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