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Mirage Micro for Kids

Mirage Micro™ for Kids 

Mirage Micro™ for Kids 

The Mirage Micro™ for Kids is ResMed's mask of choice to treat obstructive sleep apnea in pediatric patients seven years and older, and is cleared by the FDA. With our easy-to-turn MicroFit dial, parents and their children can each choose from 24 different position settings for the best fit and comfort. A child-sized cushion is designed to fit children's facial profiles, and the mask quietly and gently disperses air so they can enjoy uninterrupted sleep.


Key features

  • Comfortable. Choose from 24 position settings for the child’s best mask fit and comfort.
  • Gentle. The Mirage™ dual-wall cushion reduces pressure on small, sensitive noses.
  • Easy to use. Children can adjust their own mask, and also remove the detachable tube if they need to get up in the middle of the night.
  • Unobtrusive. The slender design provides a clear field of vision, reducing children’s anxiety about masks and helping them accept their therapy.

How to buy

After receiving your official diagnosis from your doctor, you can get your mask and device from a home medical equipment (HME) supplier. For a list of local equipment suppliers in your area or online retailers that sell ResMed products, please contact our Customer Service department.

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