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Ultra Mirage NV Full Face Mask

Ultra Mirage™ NV
full face mask

Ultra Mirage™ NV
full face mask

ResMed's Ultra Mirage™ NV full face mask offers superior performance for long-term use at home or in hospital. It provides a secure, stable seal, and is both comfortable and easy to use — critical factors in ensuring patient–ventilator synchrony and effective ventilation.


Key features

  • Effective. Dual-wall cushion technology reduces pressure on the nose, improving seal and comfort.
  • Flexible. The 360° rotating elbow provides extra stability and convenience, giving patients a greater range of movement.
  • Reliable. The mask's superior seal and stability offer peace of mind for patients.
  • Convenient. Quick-release headgear clips enable quick and easy fitting and removal, encouraging patient acceptance. Once it's set up, the headgear doesn't have to be readjusted.

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