If you have COPD, you have specific needs to ensure you receive optimal ventilation and comfortable therapy. ResMed’s VPAP™ COPD is a noninvasive ventilation (NIV) device that can help you comfortably manage your condition in your own home. Designed specifically to treat COPD, it incorporates the stylish design and sophisticated comfort features of the S9™ platform to help you stay on track with therapy.


Key features

  • Customized therapy settings make home setup easy.
  • The optional H5i™ heated humidifier with Climate Control maintains ideal humidification and temperature settings according to your real-time environment. This helps protect you from condensation (or "rainout") while minimizing side effects such as dry throat or mouth.
  • If you need supplemental oxygen, the ClimateLineMAX™ Oxy tube conveniently connects to the back of the device so there’s no need for a separate tubing connection.
  • Configurable audio and visual alarms provide added security.

How to buy

After receiving your official diagnosis from your doctor, you can get your mask and device from a home medical equipment (HME) supplier. For a list of local equipment suppliers in your area or online retailers that sell ResMed products, please contact our Customer Service department.

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