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CPAP supplies & accessories

ResMed offers a range of accessories and spare parts for our sleep apnea therapy and CPAP masks, devices, humidifiers, data management solutions and ventilators.

Mask accessories

Swift FX Bella Gray Loops

An alternative to the Swift FX nasal pillows headgear, the Bella Gray loops fit comfortably around the ears and stay out of your hair.

Swift FX Bella Loops

An alternative to the Swift FX for Her nasal pillows system, the Bella loops fit comfortably around the ears and stay out of your hair for a user-friendly way to manage different hairstyles.

Gecko™ Nasal Pad

An accessory designed to help alleviate mask discomfort.

Device accessories

ClimateLine™ Air heated tube

The ClimateLineAir heated tube helps virtually eliminate rainout and deliver optimal temperature and humidity levels to the mask.


The ClimateLine heated tube is the key technology in the Climate Control system.

ClimateLineMAX™ Oxy

Ideal for those who need supplemental oxygen, it neatly connects at the back of the device, removing the inconvenience of a separate tubing connection while allowing the oxygen to completely mix with warmed, humidified air.


The SlimLine small diameter air tube is exceptionally light and flexible, and virtually eliminates tube drag.

ResMed Power Station II (RPS II)

ResMed Power Station II is an external long-life, lithium-ion battery that simply works alongside ResMed sleep therapy devices or ventilators.

Remote alarm II

Alerts caregivers and medical staff if an alarm is triggered on the Astral™ or Stellar™ ventilation device

Humidifier accessories

HumidX™ waterless humidification

Disposable waterless humidifier for AirMini™ CPAP machine designed for dry environments. Must be replaced within 30 days of opening


The ClimateLine heated tube is the key technology in the Climate Control system.

HumidAir™ heated humidifier

The HumidAir heated humidifier is built into all ResMed AirSense 10 and AirCurve 10 CPAP machines.

H5i cleanable water tub

Made of durable materials to sustain multiple disinfections and is approved for multi-patient use in a clinic, hospital or sleep lab.

H5i standard water tub

Opens for easy cleaning and is designed to be replaced at least every six months.

H4i Cleanable Water Chamber

Supports ResMed's full S8 platform.

Transportation accessories

AirMini Travel case

Slim hard case designed to hold and protect AirMini™ CPAP machine.

AirMini Travel bag

Premium travel bag designed to hold AirMini™ CPAP machine, CPAP accessories and a CPAP mask.

AirMini™ Mount system

Designed for use with the AirMini™ CPAP machine, this mount system securely holds the machine in place while in use.

Astral™ Mobility bag

Designed to protect the Astral™ ventilator while providing greater freedom and mobility.

Astral™ external battery

With the capacity to connect to one or two external batteries, each providing up to 8 hours of power, Astral can operate continuously for up to 16 hours. The internal battery provides up to 8 hours of extra backup power if needed.