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Getting your therapy equipment

Getting your therapy equipment

After you've been diagnosed, your home care provider or doctor will talk to you about choosing the right therapy device and mask for your condition. You can then purchase your mask and device from an equipment supplier (or HME).* Finding the right equipment supplier can make all the difference to your therapy. A good supplier will not only help you set up your equipment, go through the settings on your device and help you find a mask that’s right for you, but they will also be a good source of support throughout your therapy journey.

What to look for in an equipment supplier

Use our equipment supplier checklist to help you find a high-quality supplier that also offers excellent service and support.


Patient education Does their staff explain the importance of treatment, and how to use and take care of your equipment?
Mask choices Do they offer a wide variety of masks to suit your unique facial features and lifestyle needs?
Proper fitting setup Will they ensure that your mask fits properly by fitting you while you’re lying down?
Objective compliance data    Do they offer monitoring tools, so they can track your therapy usage and report it back to your doctor or sleep physician?
Patient follow-up Will they call you a few days after setup to answer questions and address any concerns that you might have? Will they remind you when it’s time to service your equipment or replace accessories to ensure the most effective therapy?
On-call patient support Is their staff readily available to discuss therapy issues? Are their hours of operation convenient?


Your care provider may also have a list of suppliers they can recommend to you.


*Some private health insurance providers offer a rebate on masks and devices, so check your policy with your health insurance provider.