Personalized sleep apnea therapy

Probably more than any other type of medical treatment, sleep apnea therapy needs to be adapted to suit your specific needs and preferences. From a wide range of comfortable masks to devices that adapt to your specific sleep characteristics, ResMed Air Solutions provides a personalized therapy experience to help you get the good night’s sleep you deserve.

Personalized comfort

You can choose from four new devices including the AirSense™ 10 AutoSet™ which adjusts its pressure levels to fit your changing needs –ensuring you only receive the lowest pressure necessary.

Personalized therapy for women

Women and men with sleep apnea exhibit different characteristics and face different challenges.1,2 That’s why we created the AirSense 10 AutoSet for Her – the first sleep apnea therapy device designed to provide female-specific therapy. Combined with stylish ResMed for Her masks, the AirSense 10 AutoSet for Her device delivers a complete sleep therapy solution tailored for women.


A personalized fit

When it comes to masks, everyone is different. ResMed’s new AirFit™ series of masks meet a wide range of needs and preferences, including three AirFit for Her masks specially designed to comfortably fit female facial features.


For a new beginning in great sleep, ask your healthcare provider for a ResMed Air Solutions system.


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