ReSupply FAQs

Q. How are ResMed ReSupply and CareTouch affiliated?

A. ResMed ReSupply is CareTouch Communications' new name. ResMed announced the acquisition of CareTouch on July 8, 2015.

Q. I have patients already on – how will they be transitioned to

A. The transition is seamless. When your patients enter into their browser, they will automatically be redirected to the newly branded site. All of their login information remains the same.

Q. What kind of information about my patient population will I be able to gather?

A. As part of your ResMed ReSupply fees, you will gain intelligence on therapy adherence, satisfaction level and supply orders by patient. You’ll also receive overall "metrics" with reports detailing total active patients, total completed calls, percentage of inbound/outbound calls, total patients who ordered, total supply kits and individual supplies ordered.

Q. What types of follow-up questions do you ask patients?

A. Through periodic outreach to monitor patient therapy, we also ask if their supplies need to be replaced, consistent with applicable payor standards.

Q. Can I change the questions that are asked on the calls to my patients?

A. Questions to ensure compliance with regulatory standards cannot be changed, however all other questions are customizable based on your needs.

Q. How am I notified if a patient is unhappy or having trouble with therapy?

A. We generate an alert if patient satisfaction is low. That alert can be delivered immediately via email, or you can log in to ResMed ReSupply 24/7 to review all open alerts. Any question that we ask can be paired with an alert.

Q. I am afraid that automated phone calls will offend my patients. Won’t it send the message that we are too busy or don’t care?

A. Actually, our experience is the opposite since patients generally appreciate the fact that you are staying in touch with them and checking in on their therapy. Most patients appreciate the efficiency of the automated outbound system, a female automated phone voice we’ve affectionately named "Faith." When patients place a call to us, they never have to wait on hold and can easily complete their business and move on. When patients want to speak with a live person, we immediately transfer them to our live call center, but most patients just interact with Faith. We find that the combination of an automated system for routine communications backed up with a live, professional staff is the best of both worlds. We also provide an "Introduction" letter service (for an additional fee) that we’ve found not only introduces patients to resupply, but also helps them realize that Faith will be contacting them on behalf of their HME.

Q. When Faith contacts a patient, what shows up on caller ID?

A. "ResMed ReSupply." And yes, many patients won't recognize the name and let it roll to voice mail. Once the patient hears the message, they call us back. Call screening is not a problem for us because we don’t count on reaching the patient on an outbound call like other call centers.

Q. Many of my patients are Spanish-speaking. How do you interact with multilingual patients?

A. We have a multilingual call center able to communicate in Spanish and German.

Q. What about my web-savvy customers who like to place orders online?

A. Our user-friendly patient portal,, allows patients to easily communicate with you on their time. They can receive supply replenishment reminders via email or phone, place orders online through their computer or smart phone and maintain therapy and insurance information. Basically, they can order supplies anytime, from anywhere!

Q. How will I know if this is working?

A. We provide weekly reports that detail how your resupply orders are changing month over month due to the simple fact that your patients are contacted at regular intervals to check in on their therapy and supply needs. They’ll come to expect our calls and will rest assured that their therapy supplies will be ordered when they need them. You gain the benefit of regular supply orders and increased patient satisfaction. You can also log into our patient portal to review results at any time that it is convenient for you.

Your ResMed ReSupply Service Account Manager will perform a quarterly efficacy review covering all aspects of the service offering. Together, you can work on a set of goals to maximize the service’s potential within your business.

Q. What day(s) and time of day do you call my patients?

A. The call schedule is completely configurable, even for each individual patient, but we have found that the best approach is to call your patients on a specific day of the week. This allows both of us to get into a predictable routine of reaching out to patients and responding to their requests. Calls start around 10 a.m. and end around 6 p.m. in the patient’s time zone derived from their area code. Patients have the ability to log into their account and note which days/times are best to reach them and even which outreach method they prefer.

Q. When logged in to the patient portal, can we make notes in patients’ records?

A. Yes, you can make patient notes and mark alerts as resolved.

Q. How do you ensure HIPAA compliance?

A. First, we sign a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) with each of our clients so that information can be safely shared from the client to us while maintaining HIPAA compliance. Also, each patient must personally identify themselves in order to access the system. This ensures that only the patient has access to Protected Health Information (PHI). Both of these numbers are easy for patients to remember but also have a high enough level of security so as to prevent unwanted sharing of PHI. Each of our staff members are HIPAA trained on an annual basis. Read our Privacy Statement.

Q. Can my patients be called by a live person all the time?

A. Yes, there is an option to have your patients called through our live call center each time. However, we’ve found that patients prefer to choose their own method of communication, and historically they often choose email and the automated phone system. There is an additional cost for all live calls.

Q. Some of my patients are eligible for supplies every 6 months and others every 3 months. Can you handle those differences?

A. Yes, we can adjust the scheduling of patient calls/emails to fit the timeframe allowed by each patient’s insurance stipulations.

Q. How will my patients know about the login process?

A. We send your patients email reminders and also leave the website address on every voice mail message. If they are a first-time visitor, the site walks them through the secure registration process.

Q. Can't I do this in-house?

A. Of course, and many HMEs begin this way. Over time, many businesses find that the integration of a live call team coupled with the latest technology is the most efficient and cost effective way to stay in touch with patients, maintain adherence and increase revenue. ResMed ReSupply lets your staff focus on higher priority items while making sure you stay in touch with your patients on a regular basis.

Q. I’m interested in learning more. What are the next steps?

A. Contact us at for more information.