The importance of resupply

Sleep apnea therapy equipment requires regular maintenance and replacement. Encouraging your patients to maintain their equipment is an important step towards helping them stay comfortable and compliant with their CPAP therapy. In particular, replacing mask cushions and items that contact the face can impact the patient’s experience with CPAP.  Implementing a successful resupply program can help your patients have the best opportunity for successful therapy, while also increasing your business.

The benefits of sleep apnea therapy can be extremely rewarding for patients. With nightly therapy, they can reclaim their lives and rediscover the energy and interest to return to their hobbies.

CPAP equipment components

Just like a personal care item, CPAP equipment requires proper maintenance. It comes in contact with the face and can collect moisture and bacteria, which may lead to breakdown over time with regular use. Just as you replace your toothbrush regularly, CPAP users should replace the components of their CPAP system according to recommended guidelines.

CPAP mask and tubing

CPAP mask and tubing connect the CPAP device to the patient. They should be comfortable, flexible, clean and free of discoloration. Learn more about signs that mask and tubing need replacement.

CPAP device and filters

The CPAP device is a small machine that delivers air pressure to splint a patient’s airway open. To protect the user from dust and allergens, CPAP devices include an air filter, which requires regular replacement to work best. Learn more about the life span of a CPAP device and when to replace air filters.

CPAP humidifier and water chamber

CPAP devices typically include an attachable humidifier that warms and adds moisture to the air delivered from the machine. Humidifiers make CPAP therapy more comfortable. They include a water chamber, which should be clean, clear and free of discoloration. Learn more about maintaining your humidifier and water chamber.

Patient education is a key factor in successful outcomes. For equipment registration and replacement reminders, plus alerts about new products, encourage your CPAP patients to join ResMed’s free online community, ResMed myAccount.

Patients can also stay on track throughout their sleep apnea therapy journey with myAir™. myAir syncs with a ResMed Air10™ CPAP device to let the user know key stats on how they slept the night before.

Want to learn more? Take the Resupply Optimization eLearning course on ResMed Academy Online! The training covers the patient benefits of resupply, how to use resupply to show value to referral sources and how to optimize a resupply program around our list of best practices.