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When running a profitable business, it is important to streamline your processes to spend your time and money as effectively as possible. The tools and other resources below can help maximize your operational efficiency.

Digital data solutions

In 2015, ResMed became the world’s largest provider of connected healthcare solutions for remote patient monitoring, passing Medtronic.1 Our data solutions let you monitor more patients and troubleshoot more issues in significantly less time. The goal is simple: Help raise compliance rates and customer satisfaction.


This secure, cloud-based monitoring program lets you monitor and change your patient’s device settings remotely without having to leave your desk. AirView automatically captures patient data and sends it to you through wireless connectivity, included in every AirSense™ 10 and AirCurve™ 10 device. Features include:

  • Remote Assist: Identify and troubleshoot issues remotely without lengthy phone calls or unnecessary patient visits.
  • One-click compliance reports: Get reports fast – anytime, anywhere – so you can spend less time processing patients and more time providing care.
  • AirView Exchange: Everyone across a patient’s healthcare team can instantly access the same data, helping you all simplify workflows and collaborate more efficiently with one another.
  • HIPAA-compliant security: AirView is fully secure and HIPAA compliant, complete with password protections, role-based access and data encryption, and is hosted in a secure data center in a ResMed-owned San Diego facility.
  • Home sleep testing: ApneaLink™ Air results can also be captured in AirView, giving sleep labs a portable, efficient and easy-to-use device for testing more patients.


While AirView lets you monitor more patients, myAir lets them monitor themselves – and encourages them to continuously improve their sleep. myAir is a free web application that shows patients how they slept on CPAP last night right on their computer or smartphone. They receive:

  • A myAir score of 1–100 grading the quality of their CPAP therapy
  • A breakdown of that score to show usage hours, events per hour, mask seal and on/off events
  • Badges to celebrate reaching certain milestones to help motivate them
  • Tips for improving their sleep, sent by email or text message

So can myAir really help drive patient compliance? Yes! A recent study showed that 84% of new CPAP patients using myAir achieved Medicare compliance by Day 90.2

In-office setups vs. house calls

Setting up patients on CPAP at your office can significantly reduce your new patient setup costs. In-office setups avoid respiratory therapists having to drive to each patient’s home for an initial setup. Plus, effective in-office training on how to use and maintain your CPAP equipment can help reduce the number of issues a patient might have once they start therapy. Other benefits include:

  • Having quick access to other masks if a patient needs a different type or size
  • More educational tools and other resources at the office in case patients have in-depth questions or need more visual aids
  • Fewer distractions than in the home environment

Group CPAP classes

Conducting group CPAP classes and assigning patients peer buddies can significantly reduce the amount of time that your RTs spend on new patient setups, and can lead to better compliance outcomes for your patients! Recent studies show:

  • CPAP adherence is greater for new patients who receive group education about OSA and CPAP during their setup when compared to patients who receive individual education;3 and
  • CPAP adherence is greater among patients who are assigned a peer buddy during the setup process.4

If you are looking for ways to reduce your new patient setup costs, then doing group setups could be a good option for you. Here are some easy-to-use resources to help make your classes run smooth and keep your patients organized and feeling at ease:

  • The Group CPAP Class sign-in sheet helps ensure that patients are aware of and consent to the “group” aspect of the class for HIPAA compliance.
  • The patient checklist lets patients fill in their CPAP information and HME contact info to keep and always have handy. The checklist on the back side helps them remember what they learned and take notes.
  • The Air Solutions DVD includes helpful videos for patients on how to use and care for their CPAP equipment. (Order on the ResMed Online Store.)

ResMed Online Store (ROS)

ROS is more than an online store: It’s a cost-effective, one-stop shop for you to efficiently view, order, track and pay for your ResMed supplies. Enjoy features like:

  • Quick search: Find product names, images, descriptions, HCPC reimbursement codes and up-to-the-minute pricing.
  • Order history and real-time packing slips: Track shipments, print slips and opt to receive automatic shipment notifications.
  • Online bill pay: Go paperless! Just click, purchase and get on with your day.
  • Online RMAs and repair quotes: Enjoy our streamlined process with instant confirmation and documentation.
  • Multiple shipping addresses: Add, edit or delete all the places you want to store inventory.
  • Multiple users: Enable coworkers to enter ROS and control each one’s access level.
  • e-Literature: Download our most popular marketing brochures.

Sign up free and see how much time and hassle you can save by using ROS!


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