For our HME partners

The industry landscape is changing, and treating sleep apnea is more complex than ever before. With an evolving health care industry comes the challenges of competitive bidding pressures, reimbursement cuts and rising costs. We at ResMed understand that the changing market is impacting your business, and we want to partner with you and offer business solutions to help maximize revenue and reduce operational costs. As the global leader in sleep and respiratory medicine, we have top quality products, business solutions and comprehensive patient support to help you stay profitable, drive efficiency and ensure that your patients are compliant.

Drive efficiency

Maximize operational efficiency with the following tools and resources.

Programs and resources

Programs and resources for HMEs including PDF downloads, marketing materials and e-learning.

Internet sales and advertising

Our internet policies are designed to encourage and support patient care now and into the future.

Certificate manager

Complete the resale exemption certificate(s) for the specific state(s) in which your company is exempt from sales tax.

Service training

ResMed is passionate about training those who work with our products, and we’re happy to provide instructor-led courses, taught by certified ResMed service specialists, to help you learn more about servicing our products.

The importance of resupply

Sleep apnea therapy equipment requires regular maintenance and replacement. Encouraging your patients to maintain their equipment is an important step towards helping them stay comfortable and compliant with their CPAP therapy.

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