7 Home Health Data Solutions That Speed Up Patient Care

Live presentation at the Home Health Technology Summit, March 15, 2016, 11:30am CT

What’s the best part about healthcare informatics?

For Jeremy Malecha, vice president of ResMed healthcare informatics (HI), it’s how HI streamlines patient monitoring processes for more effective and efficient care.

Malecha, will show exactly how ResMed’s HI solutions help providers and patients alike at the Home Health Technology Summit:

  • LIVE PRESENTATION: The aftermath: What do you do with all the data?
  • WHERE: Hotel Monteleone, New Orleans
  • WHEN: Tuesday, March 15, 2016, 11:30am–12:30pm CT

ResMed is the world’s #1 provider of connected healthcare solutions for remote patient monitoring, according to Berg Insight. More than 1 million of its Air10™ CPAP machines send patients’ sleep apnea data through a secure cloud to their care providers every day. ResMed’s HI solutions help providers:

  • Prescribe equipment to their CPAP patients (GoScripts™);
  • Monitor their treatment, and even make remote settings changes (AirView™, U-Sleep™);
  • Resupply them (ResMed ReSupply);
  • Manage their own equipment inventory entirely online (ResMed Online Store);
  • Share info with payors (ResMed Data Exchange); and
  • Help patients track their own CPAP data with myAir™, helping new users achieve 84% Medicare compliance by day 90.1

“The data being captured now is very exciting,” Malecha says. “The key is sharing it easily across a secured network so that everyone can see it and act on it right away for the health and convenience of the patient.”

To talk with Jeremy Malecha about the future of healthcare informatics, please contact Jayme Rubenstein (news@resmed.com).

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1 Lynch S et al. [White paper]. ResMed Science Center, Sydney, Australia. 2015.