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Why should I replace my supplies and how often?

While regularly replacing your positive airway pressure (PAP) supplies may initially seem time-consuming and easy to forget, there is no denying the result you get when everything is new and working optimally. After all, there isn’t any point in going through the process of being diagnosed and adjusting to therapy only to have it partially effective because a part is old, right? It’s no different than getting the oil changed in your car or replacing batteries in a smoke detector. Almost everything we use on a daily basis needs some level of maintenance and upkeep to ensure it is working effectively and efficiently.

And, don’t let the idea of money scare you away from replacing your supplies. While the cost of regularly replacing your masks or other supplies may initially have you saying “no way,” it’s important to know the majority of insurance companies cover these costs with little or no money coming out of your pocket. You just need to check with your specific insurance company, or your equipment supplier, to find out your individual coverage.

Creating a replacement schedule, and setting up calendar reminders, is the best way to ensure you don’t forget to replace any supplies. From cushions and filters, to masks, tubing, headgear and humidifier water chambers, most of your supplies need to be replaced on a regular basis. But, the exact replacement schedule is dependent on your insurance company, so check with your insurance or equipment provider to make sure you have the best schedule.

In the meantime, if you’re looking for a suggested replacement schedule, here’s a good one to check out.


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