Tips for your patients: Caring for their Narval CC devices

What is sleep apnea?

Your patients should keep their Narval CC™ mandibular repositioning device (MRD) in optimal conditions. To do so, we recommend that patients clean it as follows:

After each time they use the device:

  • Immerse in lukewarm drinking quality water (e.g. in a clean glass or container).
  • Clean the Narval appliance with a denture brush, making sure to brush the inside surface of the Narval appliance for at least 1 minute.

    A denture brush typically offers two different brush heads. The smaller brush with angled bristles allows for cleaning the inner surfaces of the Narval appliance, while the larger brush allows for cleaning the outer surfaces.
  • Rinse well with clean, lukewarm drinking quality water.
  • Carefully inspect the Narval appliance to confirm it is visibly clean (e.g. no visible particles remaining on the device). If necessary, clean the device again, repeating steps 1 through 4.
  • Once clean, dry the Narval appliance with a clean tissue or towel and place it back in its storage box.

Twice a week

Twice a week, clean Narval CC more thoroughly using an antibacterial denture cleanser designed for orthodontic appliances:

  • Read the instructions of the antibacterial denture cleanser carefully before use.
  • Clean your Narval appliance following the instructions provided by the cleanser manufacturer.
  • Rinse the Narval appliance well with clean, drinking quality water.
  • Dry the Narval appliance with a clean tissue or towel and place it back in its storage box.

Over time, the splints of the Narval CC device might change colour. This will depend on several parameters, such as the acidity of your patient’s saliva and how well they care for the device. It will not affect Narval CC’s performance. 



  • Patients should never use chlorine based products, bleach or acetic acid, household cleaning products or alcoholic solutions to clean the Narval appliance.
  • The Narval appliace should never be put in water warmer than 45°C / 113 °F.
  • Patients should never use toothpaste or mouthwash to clean the Narval appliance, as they may be too abrasive.
  • Before choosing an antibacterial denture cleanser, the patient should verify that he or she is not allergic to any of its ingredients and should always follow the instructions provided with it.

Please read the full instructions for use supplied with every device.

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