How AutoSet works to treat your sleep apnoea




What are the benefits of using ResMed’s AutoSet™ for your sleep apnoea? How exactly does it work? Find the answers to these and other AutoSet FAQs below.

Q. What are the benefits of using ResMed AutoSet™ devices?

A. AutoSet devices adjust pressure on a breath-by-breath basis to suit your personal breathing needs throughout the night. As a result, you receive the minimum pressure required for effective therapy, and these lower average pressures improve comfort.

Q. How does the device know to adjust pressure in AutoSet mode?

A. After you fall asleep and your pressure needs begin to vary, your AutoSet device responds to three separate parameters, based on the degree of airway blockage caused by your sleep apnoea: inspiratory flow limitation, snore, and apnoea. AutoSet devices automatically increase pressure as airway blockage starts to occur in order to minimise the chances of it developing into apnoeas.

Q. How do AutoSet devices handle hypopnoea events?

A. AutoSet devices respond to hypopnoea events when they’re associated with airway blockage. Hypopnoeas that are not associated with airway blockage cannot be treated with increased pressure, and as such an AutoSet device pressure will not increase in these cases. Talk to your doctor or sleep specialist about which devices can treat hypopnoea events.

Q. How fast do AutoSet devices evaluate and respond to changes?

A. AutoSet devices assess breathing adjust pressure according to a five-breath average.

Q. I’ve heard that APAP modes work only for people on low to moderate pressures. Is this true?

A. Actually, the opposite is true.  AutoSet technology provides the greatest benefits for people on 10 cm H2O or more.

Q. I’m looking to purchase a device with APAP mode. Why should I choose ResMed’s AutoSet instead of others?

A. Our AutoSet algorithm has been clinically validated in numerous third-party tests and peer-reviewed journals for more than a decade, and has been continually developed and enhanced during that time.

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