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Customized benefits
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Customised benefits

Innovative design

More comfort: Innovative traction-based appliance

  • 10% less stress on TMJ compared to compression-based devices1
  • Designed to sustain closed-mouth and lip seal for physiological breathing during sleep
  • No incisor contact to reduce risk of tilting and post-wear sensitivity

More natural feeling: Discreet design

  • Optimised tongue space tongue space
  • Thin and light to improve compliance2
  • Rounded edges and counter-sunk connecting rods to minimise irritation

More freedom: Patented articulation

  • Allows for natural jaw movement
  • Ability to talk and drink while wearing the device
  • Easy titration, 1mm increment connecting rods for rapid and precise titration

CAD/CAM technology

More precision: CAD-enhanced customization

  • Proprietary software to ensure intimate contact with teeth for an innovative custom fit3
  • Optimised interior surface for quicker seating

More durability: CAM-optimised material

  • Laser-sintered, biocompatible4 polymer for a verified durability5
  • Strong enough for use in patients with bruxism6


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