Peri-operative care research at ResMed

At ResMed, we’re concerned with everything related to sleep and respiratory disorders. That’s why we support and actively engage in research initiatives related to peri-operative care.

ResMed collaborates with anaesthetists, critical care physicians, surgeons and allied professionals to study Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA) in peri-operative care. ResMed sponsored the study that developed and agreed the STOP-BANG questionnaire, a screening tool for identifying OSA in surgical patients.1

Dr. Peter Farrell, Founder and Chairman of ResMed, is a Charter Member of the Society of Anaesthesia and Sleep Medicine (SASM), a society which strives to advance standards of care for clinical problems in anaesthesiology and sleep Medicine. The SASM ultimately aims to evaluate peri-operative management of sleep apnoea, and to promote interdisciplinary communication, education and research in matters common to anaesthesia and sleep. For more information on SASM, visit the dedicated website


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    Chung, F., et al., STOP questionnaire: a tool to screen patients for obstructive sleep apnea. Anesthesiology, 2008. 108(5): p. 812-21.