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Demands of fast-paced hospitals

Meeting the demands of fast-paced hospitals

Packed with technologies to aid intuitive setup and streamline processes in the busy hospital environment, Stellar™ helps you reduce time on unnecessary training and device operation, so you can focus on providing quality care. Combined with real-time patient monitoring and quickly configurable settings, Stellar helps keep staff well-informed on their patients’ therapy progress.

Meeting the demands of fast-paced hospitals with:

  • Real-time data and waveforms: including pressure and flow curves, tidal volume, as well as SpO2 and FiO2 levels are viewable on a large colour LCD display
  • An auto-scaling function: automatically adjusts graphs to scale for easy assessment at a glance
  • A user-friendly menu: provides intuitive navigation to setup options for quick access and adjustment
  • A broad range of therapy modes: including S, T, S/T, PAC, CPAP and iVAPS*
  • Pathology defaults: organised by disease category, common clinical defaults assist therapy initiation and setup
  • ResScan patient management software: offers high-resolution (25 Hz) flow and pressure data for download

*iVAPS with AutoEPAP is only available on Stellar 150