Greater freedom

Lightweight, quiet and discreet, Astral™ is built to bring greater freedom to the lives of patients, so they can continue with their day-to-day activities.

A helpful range of accessories is also available to support carers, and gives patients added mobility and peace of mind.

Convenient mobility bags

For day-to-day mobility or travel away from the hospital or home, patients and their carers have the choice of 2 custom-built protective mobility bags: the Astral mobility bag, which has room for all of Astral’s essential accessories, and the lighter but smaller SlimFit mobility bag, with a pouch for the power supply or external battery.

Providing uninterrupted ventilation on the go, both bags feature versatile shoulder straps, so you can comfortably carry Astral by hand, around the shoulders or even as a backpack. Additional straps also enable Astral to be mounted onto a wheelchair.

Thanks to thoughtful design, a transparent panel means patients and carers always have quick access to the touchscreen menus without having to remove the ventilator from the bag.

Hospital trolley and remote alarm

For long-term hospital use, the Astral hospital trolley offers excellent utility to store Astral and all its accessories. When patients on Astral need to be transported or moved around, staff can do so with convenience and ease.

Any patient on life support requires close attention and care. For times when carers may be called away, the remote alarm II provides patients and carers with peace of mind when linked to remote or hospital alarm systems.

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