Humidification: innovation and technology
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Humidification: innovation and technology

At ResMed, we're committed to helping you improve your patient's quality of life.

Through constant innovation, we push the boundaries so you can provide your patients with more effective treatment. Our humidifiers are a case in point: because they alleviate the side-effects, your patients will find their therapy more comfortable, which will make it easier for them to comply with their treatment programme.

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Why does humidification matter?  

Patients receiving CPAP or other ventilation therapies (e.g. VPAP) often experience uncomfortable congestion and dryness in their nose, mouth and throat. This is because the ventilator generates a higher airflow than normal breathing, and the body isn't accustomed to – or capable of – humidifying so much air.

Our heated humidifiers add moisture and warmth to the air that's delivered by your patient's therapy device, reducing these symptoms and giving your patient a more comfortable experience.

What is Climate Control?

Climate Control is ResMed's complete humidification solution for sleep and bi-level patients.  

Climate Control is unique because it delivers therapy at your chosen temperature. Most conventional humidifiers ask you to set your preferred humidity level, but then struggle to maintain this humidity as the ambient temperature in the room changes between day and night, or even between seasons.

Climate Control uses feedback from five different sensors to intelligently adjust the amount of humidity needed to deliver therapy at the temperature that suits your patient, regardless of changes in ambient conditions.

In a recent study, patients using ResMed’s Climate Control humidification system reported significantly less dryness and condensation (often referred to as 'rainout') and found their mask temperature to be much more comfortable.*

Climate Control: intelligent and accurate

ResMed's Climate Control adjusts to real-time environmental conditions to deliver accurate humidification to your patient and offer maximum relief from dryness and congestion. The moisture output for any given setting does not change because the device adjusts to take account of changes in ambient conditions or air flow.

What's special about ClimateLine or ClimateLine Air tube?

The ClimateLine range of heated tubes has a temperature sensor built into the mask end of the tube. This ensures that the air delivered to your patient's mask is heated consistently to the temperature they find most comfortable.

Maintaining consistent air temperature in the ClimateLine tube makes it less likely that condensation or 'rainout', which can be a source of discomfort for patients, will form in the tube. 


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