SenTec Digital Monitoring System

  • The SenTec Digital Monitoring System (SDMS) provides continuous, non-invasive respiratory monitoring in real time, in almost any clinical setting.

    SenTec's sophisticated but user-friendly technology enables you to clearly identify hypo- and hyperventilation, even when supplemental oxygen is used, and continuously monitor your patients for adverse breathing events.

    The SenTec Digital Monitor (SDM) is a transportable, easy-to-use bedside monitor for virtually all situations where continuous ventilation and oxygenation matters. Suitable for spot checks as well as long term measurements of up to 12 hours, the SDM also provides Baseline- and Delta-Screens which help to guide therapy for neonatal, paediatric and adult patients. 

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Key Features

  • The SDM offers accurate, safe monitoring of tcPCO2, SpO2, PR, Pulsation Index (PI), and Heating Power. 
  • The option to configure and store up to four user profiles means you can quickly adapt it to your clinical setting. The SDM's internal memory can record several days of patient data, while its rechargeable battery provides up to 11 hours of monitoring time.
  • V-STATS™ PC-based software can be used to download trend data from SDM internal memory with subsequent display, analysis and reporting. It can also be used to configure the SDM. 
  • The optional V-CareNeT™ system enables remote monitoring and alarm surveillance for multiple SDMs that are connected to the same network as the PC with V-CareNeT. 
  • The SDM can connect to a range of devices, such as PG and PSG systems, nurse call systems, central patient monitoring systems and patient data management systems. 

How to buy

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