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ApneaLink Reporting Software
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ApneaLinkTM Reporting Software

ApneaLinkTM Reporting Software

ApneaLink™ Reporting Software is the user-friendly analysis and reporting tool for our range of ApneaLink screening devices for sleep-disordered breathing (SDB).

In a step up from the original ApneaLink software, you can now view a two-page patient report with pulse and oximetry signals, detailed SpO2 information and waveform data. You can also see your patient's results as a single page summary report. Detailed trends can be viewed online or printed.


Key Features

  • ApneaLink Reporting Software produces validated, automatic analysis 1,2.
  • Automatic reporting gives you access to all summary results on one page. You can add a page with screenshots if you need to see oximetry trends.
  • Our software offers electronic data exchange and EDF and CSV export capabilities, and is compatible with Windows® Vista.
  • ApneaLink Software version 7.0 detects Cheyne-Stokes Respiration.


  1. Wang Y, Teschler T, et al. Pneumologie 2003;57:734–740
  2. Teschler, et al. 2007 (accepted for publication)

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