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The S9 VPAPTM ST with iVAPS is a standard non-invasive (NIV) ventilator for non-dependent patients who need the security of a backup rate.

iVAPS (intelligent Volume-Assured Pressure Support) technology is intelligent, personalised and automatic. It targets alveolar ventilation and the respiratory rate, uses Learn Targets to provide personalised therapy, and automatically monitors and adapts to a patient's changing needs.

The reliable, cost-effective S9 VPAP ST with iVAPS is suitable for adult and paediatric patients (over 13kg, or over 30kg for iVAPS) with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), Obesity Hypoventilation Syndrome (OHS), Neuromuscular Disease (NMD), and other conditions. iVAPS is suitable for hypercapnic patients with changing respiratory needs. 


Key Features

  • Fine-tune your therapy decisions by viewing real-time data on the device or through EasyCare Tx, or by downloading high-resolution, breath-by-breath flow data and oximetry details.  
  • Offer your patients the comfort of the award-winning S9 platform. Climate Control ensures patients receive optimal therapy regardless of ambient humidity changes, while Easy-Breathe technology ensures a natural breathing experience and a restful sleeping environment. 
  • Advanced VSync and TiControl technologies and Adjustable Trigger and Cycle Sensitivities optimise patient-ventilator synchrony, which improves comfort and compliance for your patient. 
  • The compact S9 VPAP ST offers pressure support up to 25cm H2O.


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Learn more about iVAPS technology. 

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