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Narval CC: A network of collaboration and support

Narval CC: A network of collaboration and support

When you choose to work with ResMed and its partners to provide your patients with the Narval CC™ mandibular repositioning device (MRD), you enter into a network that includes sleep physicians and other care givers, highly trained and accredited dental laboratory partners, and of course, ResMed itself. 


A network of collaboration

Successful treatment requires close collaboration between a reliable network of healthcare providers. Other care givers like sleep physicians play an essential role in accurately diagnosing and monitoring patients for obstructive sleep apnoea. Working with a sleep physician can yield a new referral flow of motivated patients who have already been through many forms of treatment – you are uniquely placed to successfully treat these patients.


A network of support

ResMed has a network of highly trained and accredited dental laboratory partners (DLPs) in over 10 countries in Europe and the Middle East. They’ll use cloud technology to speed up the delivery of the Narval CC MRD — a process that’s faster than sending imprints through the mail. Then they’ll provide personalised quality control before sending you the finished Narval CC MRD.

ResMed dental laboratory partners are also available to help you fill out your order form, provide you with pricing information, and provide after-sales support. That way, you get both local support through your DLP, and the benefit of working with a global leader in sleep therapy.


Guidance from a global expert

ResMed provides a detailed clinical protocol of care that guides dentists through the entire process, from patient identification and contraindications, to tips for taking high-precision imprints and measurements; from adjusting retention to titration and patient compliance.