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Narval CC: Big ideas in a small device
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Narval CC: Big ideas in a small device

At ResMed, we believe that compliance and efficacy are directly related to comfort. To maximise comfort, we’ve designed Narval CC™ to be one of the smallest and lightest oral appliances available on the market.

By decreasing the bulk of the device with the use of light materials, we have expanded the tongue space whilst enabling freedom of movement. Small and discreet, lightweight and strong, Narval CC fosters the consistent, nightly use that's so important to long-term compliance and efficacy.1

  • 86% of patients wear their Narval CC every night.1
  • In a five-year ResMed clinical study, we found that patients used it on average 6.7 hours per night, and 6.7 nights per week.1


Innovation at work

ResMed has used every single innovation at its disposal to optimise the Narval CC device. Its use of a biocompatible polymer reduces the chance of allergies and it is designed to withstand teeth grinding from patients with bruxism.2 A patented articulation method enables your patients to sleep with their mouths closed – but gives them the flexibility to open it, and even drink if necessary.

Finally, we use a retention method that clips onto only a few, well-anchored teeth instead of wrapping around all of them— a conservative approach to protect your patient’s teeth from excessive movement.


A clinically-proven device from a sleep therapy expert

We at ResMed have been designing and developing innovative solutions to combat obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA) and related respiratory conditions for over the past 25 years. Narval CC is a clinically-proven1 medical device that's custom-manufactured by a sleep therapy expert rather than a dental manufacturer. This unique experience makes a big difference to how we do things.



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  2. Data on file, confidential – Computer mechanical strength simulation study – Narval splints are able to withstand compression forces superior to 500N.