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SlimLine tubing wrap
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SlimLineTM tubing wrap

SlimLineTM tubing wrap

SlimLineTM tubing wrap is a smooth, heat-retaining cover for the air tube that helps to make the CPAP or ventilation therapy more comfortable. The micro-fibre filling maximises heat retention to reduce rainout. The sleek cover reduces drag on bedclothes and on the mask for a more stable seal and a quieter, more peaceful night.


Key features

  • Comfortable: the soft, smooth covering slides easily across the bedding. 
  • Reduced rainout: the heat-retaining micro-fibre lining helps to prevent rainout, for a more comfortable therapy experience. 
  • Practical: the wrap is designed to fit ResMed's SlimLine tubing. 

We care about your patient's sleep. To help you provide sleep apnoea therapy that is comfortable and effective, we offer a wide range of relevant accessories.

How to buy

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